Teltrac Companion Systems for advanced Call Management and Analytics

Call Chargeback Module
Enables users for every extension and every mobile to view their own call records on their desktop browser and tick off personal and business calls. Administration can then generate reporting for both call classifications and easily implement employee billing or other company policy on employee personal calls.
Carrier Bill Verification Module
Telcos make mistakes - usually not in your favor. CBV reads Telcos soft bills and compares call-for-call against Teltrac call logs, immediately highlighting discrepancies and pinpointing specific calls not billed according to agreed tariffs.
Intrusion Detection Module
HACKerTRAC is a comprehensive security overlay designed to protect your communications assets. By monitoring and analyzing your incoming and outgoing telecommunications traffic according to a specific set of rules for normal or expected call traffic, Hacker-Trac can reveal any calls or call patterns that do not fall in line with established company policy or within normal traffic parameters, and generate instant alarms when such anomalies are detected.