About Us:

Product Principles:
  • Absolute reliability.
  • Ease of use for the user, and ease of installation and support for the installer.
  • Open design for global deployment in any environment.

For these reasons, Interpac has become the preferred supplier for an impressive list of MNC’s who have standardised on TELTRAC across Asia. These organisations especially appreciate Interpac's responsiveness to their needs, the international availability of a consistent product, and provision of consistent reliable support in any country, for interfacing to equipment from any vendor, and for all PSTN environments.

Primary Design Criteria:
All products offered by Interpac must be determined by us to be the best in their class. Any product development project undertaken by Interpac will proceed only if it meets one of two conditions:
  • The proposed product must be superior to all known alternative products in its class, delivering higher levels of performance and value than previously available or
  • The proposed product must be new and original, providing functionality and benefits not previously available.

All products developed by Interpac are required to incorporate the most advanced technology, balanced with proven stability and reliability, that is available at the time of development.