TEM Services:
Telecom Expense Management
From initial telecom spend audits to full managed services, Interpac TEM Services will help significantly reduce or eliminate the unnecessary costs embedded in your telecom service charges. Through our in-depth review of your invoices, inventory, facilities, and usage, matched against your service contracts, SLA, staff groups, and internal policies, we provide a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating excess costs.

  • "Telecom Services account for one of the five (5) largest expenses for most Companies and are among the most difficult to manage.” Gartner Group
  • Aberdeen Group has found that on average, 7% to 12% of telecom service expenses are in error.
  • “A Telecom Audit could reduce your costs 5% to 35% without switching services providers.” Network World
  • One dollar in costs savings is equal $7 to $15+ in sales. With a P/E ratio of 20/1, $1 in cost savings adds $20 value to the Company.
  • “80% of business telecom invoices have billing errors.” Gartner Group
Through our use of the Avema AVM System, we can provide continuing support, automation, monitoring, and reporting of your telecom spend, taking every opportunity to optimize and enhance your voice, data, and wireless spend.

Interpac combines decades of Telecom Audit expertise with the power of the Avema AVM Advanced Vendor Management software platform that automates cost allocations, price comparisons, bill auditing, orders, and inventory for all telecom, wireless and data spend, including service plans, leases, plant and equipment and maintenance contracts. AVM can be deployed locally or on a global basis for any size enterprise.
With Telecom Audit and Avema AVM, we don’t just provide you a one-time Telecom Audit - we leave you with a permanent solution you can manage independently.