About Us:

Greg York
Managing Director

Greg came to the Asia Pacific Region in 1982 with Rank Xerox Australia and Rank Xerox Singapore. Seeing the enormous possibilities for Computer-Telephony applications while working at Rank Xerox Asia headquarters in Hong Kong as Regional Product Manager for Xerox IT systems, Greg founded Interpac in 1986 to develop software systems for telecom applications. Following a philosophy of combining top software development talent with the best proven development tools, of closely incorporating customer feedback into every stage of the product development lifecycle, and of taking a world view of designing each product from the outset for global rather than just local markets, he has guided the company from its beginnings as a one-product supplier to Hong Kong Telecom to one of the most trusted providers of call management applications in 16 countries across Asia Pacific. Greg holds a Bachelor of Administration Degree with Distinction from the University of Regina in Canada.

Robert Ivanoff
Managing Director - Telecom Management Services

Bob’s career spans over 25 years in the telecommunications and IT industry in North America and Asia.. He has held senior level positions with various companies including Nortel Networks as Sr. Director of Telecom & Networking for Asia Pacific and Greater China; Principal Consultant and Direct of Managed Services for Cogent Consulting Services; Vice President and General Manager of Winstar Communications International (Hong Kong fixed wireless business), Senior Vice President of Global Technology (Managed Services and Outsourcing) with ABN Amro Bank based in Singapore, and has co-founded a successful Hong Kong teleconferencing and telecom consulting business that was acquired by a US publicly traded company.

As head of Interpac’s Project Management Services Bob brings extensive experience in senior level IT and Telecom project management, technical services delivery, planning and implementation. As head of the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Unit, and he is an industry expert who has rationalized and brought Telecom and IT spend under control and implemented cost containment for the regional and global operations of a long list of MNC’s.

He holds degrees in Computer Science and Business, as well as a Master of Science Degree in Telecommunications Management.

Kathryn Gieni
Director - Operations

Kathryn brings 15 years of experience in management consulting, operations planning and functional programming in North America and Asia to Interpac. She is the founder of RPA Continental, a highly successful management consulting company in Canada, and she holds an Master of Business Adminstration in management consulting. Kathryn is responsible for policy and procedure, internal operations, information systems and human resources.