About Us:

Over 25 Years as Asia Pacific’s Number One Call Accounting Provider

Interpacific Data Management Limited is a Hong Kong based software development house and consultancy specialising in Computer Telephony Integration applications. Since that time we have grown to become a premier developer and supplier of world-class call accounting network management solutions for voice and IP, spanning over 20 countries across the globe.

As regional leader in developing and supplying world-class Tele-Management and Operations Support Systems for the best-managed enterprises in Asia-Pacific, Interpac now spans 16 countries and 3 continents with products and support. No-one in the Asia-Pacific region has more experience than we have in developing WinTel based Call Accounting for PBX, IPT, Private Networks and Mobile.

Thousands of Teltrac systems have been deployed worldwide with millions of lines under management.

1988:  TELTRAC Release 1
1989:  Hong Kong Telecom selects Interpac as CPE Call Accounting supplier
1990:  Interpac begins expansion across Asia
1992:  Interpac introduces TELTRAC-VPN, one of the first (possibly the first) Multi-Site CAS in the world
1993:  TRAC-RECORD, one of the first CTI Call Centre applications in Asia installed at HK Police Emergency 999 Call Centres.
1994:  Voyageur Award as outstanding Canadian / HK business of the year.
1995:  TELTRAC G-II, first Windows-based CAS System in Asia installed at HSBC and Hong Kong Telecom PCCW head offices
1998:  Manila Development and Support Centre established
2000:  Partnership with Centergistic Solutions in Irvine, CA for Contact Centre metric solutions
2000:  Launch Multi-Trac convergent ISP/TELCO Billing System with Asia On Line
2002:  Launch Teltrac Outsourced, the first complete outsourced call management service in Asia.
2004:  Teltrac G-III interfacing to new generation of IP switches with Cisco CM
2009:  Partnership with VOXRecord brings seamless voice recording for mobile
2010:  : Teltrac G4 / GX with VPN toll bypass reconciliation
2014:  Teltrac G5 Web
2015:  AgentView HD Contact Center metrics systems
2016:  Appointed regional distributor for TelStrat voice logging
2017:  Teltrac G6 Secure Web multi-lingual, Avema TEM Telecom Expense Management services